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I am practicing by creating an age calculator which calculates age in years based on given date of birth.

However it doesn't work the way I intend it to function. I want to show age in year e.g 19 to the user when their age is 19 and month is less than 6 and if the month is more than 6 then I want to add 1 to the age in this case 19+1.

Can anyone create the same program with the same concept in a better way? Please add some explanation so that it is easy for me to understand.

I am python beginner, so please excuse my bad code as well as my bad English. Thanks in advance for the help.

from datetime import date

Doby,Dobm,Dobd =input("enter your DOB : i.e year,month,days  1999,02,08   : ").split(",")
born = date(year = int(Doby) , month= int(Dobm) , day= int(Dobd))
today = date.today()
age = today.year - born.year
condition = today.month - born.month
if condition >= 6 :
    age += 1
elif condition <= -6 :
    age -= 1
  1. Considering your requirements, this code works fine. Of course, your condition on month seems a bit off, because usually one would do age -= 1 if today.month < born.month (since haven't reached the birthday yet). If it is past the birth month, the age is accurate. But if you are certain you need that 6 month difference check, with the associated +1 and -1, then your code works fine.
    2019-06-01 05:02:31Z
  2. If you have no errors in your code, but want a review of how it can be written better, you can try asking on codereview.stackexchange.com
    2019-06-01 05:03:34Z
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I subtracted the int(age) from 'age' to get the decimal port of the age.

days_in_year = 365.2425    
age = (date.today() - born).days / days_in_year
decAge = age - int(age)

Then checked to see if the decimal portion is greater than 0.5 and set 'age' accordingly.

if decAge > 0.5 :
  age = int(age) + 1
  age = int(age)

I think that works.

2019-06-01 05:24:59Z

You can just divide with no of days in a year and do rounding (round half up) to get the desired result. The below code should work.

from datetime import date

# Doby,Dobm,Dobd =input("enter your DOB : i.e year,month,days  1999,02,08   : ").split(",")
Doby, Dobm, Dobd = 1999, 11, 1
born = date(year=int(Doby), month=int(Dobm), day=int(Dobd))
today = date.today()



2019-06-01 05:31:19Z

here is your function

def years_of_age():
    from datetime import date, datetime
    dob = input("Please enter your DOB as mm-dd-yyyy: ")

    #time delta in days
    val = date.today().toordinal() - datetime.strptime(dob, "%m-%d-%Y").toordinal()

    # this is just so you can confirm, comment out the following 4 lines
    print("months {}, years {}".format(\

    # conditional return based on the months figure
    if int(datetime.fromordinal(val).strftime("%m")) >=6:
        return int(datetime.fromordinal(val).strftime("%Y")) + 1
        return int(datetime.fromordinal(val).strftime("%Y"))

Here are a few examples


Please enter your DOB as mm-dd-yyyy: 5-16-1976
months 1, years 44


Please enter your DOB as mm-dd-yyyy: 7-16-1976
months 11, years 43


Please enter your DOB as mm-dd-yyyy: 2-16-1977
months 4, years 43

  • instance method .toordinal() converts a datetime object into a number of days since Jan 1 0000.
  • the instance method .strftime() converts a string to a datetime object given that there are format directives datetime ("%m-%d-%Y").

  • since you are a beginner I made sure to use python standard library packages, not because numpy is too advanced, because standard library packages are efficient, great and overlooked.

2019-06-01 14:08:25Z

Suppose today is 01/01/2019 and input is 12/06/1989. The output we need is 29years and 7 months.

   if  condition >= 0:
    Totmonth = condition 
     Totmonth = 12+condition 
      age -= 1

  print "age is" , age,"years and", Totmonth,"months"
2019-06-03 04:11:01Z
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